Administrative Expertise to Refocus Your Time.

I perform a variety of administrative specialist services that are suited to specifically professional services firms, consultants and small business owners. The support that I provide, frees up the time and energy of the owner/manager, and allows them to focus their efforts on other activities that only they can accomplish. This may include, meeting with potential clients, forging new alliances, discovering new product lines or services, improving client service and retention, among many others.

Some examples of the clients that I serve, often include the specialty industries of:

Interior Design Professionals


Art & Antiques

Performing Arts

Investment Consultants

Personal Finance Advisors

Accounting & Finance Professionals

Specialty Consultants

Types of Services

When clients hire me for administrative specialist services, some of the activities that I can take care of include:

Preparing Briefing Materials & Agendas

Typing & Proofreading Documents

Planning & Liaison of Events

Calendar and Time Management

Graphic Design for Presentations & Reports

Creating Promotional Materials

Writing & Proofreading Correspondence

Follow-up with Clients or other Stakeholders

Preparing Estimates & Purchase Orders

Project Coordination

Third-Party Vendor Coordination

Technical Writing of Business Documents

Bookkeeping & Financial Liaison Services

Compiling Research & Assembling Data

Coordinating and Scheduling Meetings

Organizing Agendas

Tracking Specialty Expenses

Marketing & Content Writing

CRM Updating & Management

Arranging Travel


Technical Writing

. . . to name only a few.

Features of Working with Me

As a business owner or consultant, you are faced with the challenge of limited hours in your day to successfully accomplish everything that you need and want to.

To that end, my premium administrative specialist services are designed for one-time tasks and/or ongoing support to be performed. The intent is to allow you to focus on your core business interests.

The features of working with me include:

  • Experiencing a premium service that promises meticulous attention to detail, and well executed results.
  • Exemplary communication skills to effectively work with various personalities.
  • Highly developed organizational and prioritizing aptitudes.
  • Professional adherence to the highest of standards.
  • Conduct that is ethical and confidential.
  • Performing services at an advanced level.
  • Reliability, patience and trust.
  • Easy to work with, pleasant and helpful.
  • Time management proficiency.
  • Feeling supported to be able to increase overall profit and goals.
  • A commitment to continuous learning and working with software apps and systems that increase productivity and provide better overall business efficiencies.
  • Professional experience of over 12 years.
  • Education that includes a Business Administration degree, a diploma in finance, and communication studies.